General Meeting 2022

7 June 2022, Palermo, Italy and online

The General Meeting aims to bring EJP SOIL partners together to continue building the EJP SOIL community, to exchange information about the progress in the second year of EJP SOIL and to present the plans for the third year of the EJP SOIL. Sharing outcomes & plans and discuss “lessons learned” are key objectives of the EJP SOIL General Meeting, for which this will be the 3rd edition in this year 2022.

The General Meeting is an internal EJP SOIL Consortium event. The face-to-face meeting is primarily open to Consortium partner’s members belonging to groups such as the Coordination team, the Executive Committee, the National Coordinators, the National Communication Representatives, the Board of Programme Managers, the Task Leaders, the Project Coordinators from the first and second internal calls, the Ethics Board, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board and of the Strategic Committee. The EC Steering Group/REA is also invited to participate and present at the General Meeting. The General Meeting will be held on the Campus of the University of Palermo, Italy.

An online version of the General Meeting is also available to members of the Strategic Committee and of the Advisory Board, as well as other interested EJP SOIL Consortium partners.

The General Meeting will be taking place back to back with the EJP SOIL Annual Science Days.

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