MaxRoot-C and MixRoot-C are part of the EJP SOIL Programme. EJP SOIL is a European Joint Programme Cofund on Agricultural Soil Management contributing to key societal challenges including climate change, water and future food security.  

The objectives are to develop knowledge, tools and an integrated research community to foster climate-smart sustainable agricultural soil management that:

  • Allow for sustainable food production
  • Sustains soil biodiversity
  • Sustains soil functions that preserves ecosystem services


Optimize soil root carbon inputs, for sustainable crop production in Europe – in both pure cultures and cover crops.

Project coordinator:
Rebecca Hood-Nowotny – rebecca.hood@boku.ac.at
Project communication representative:
Anna Wawra – anna.wawra@ages.at 


To measure in situ root C production and to propose root traits related to soil organic C storage in topsoil and subsoil in the context of diversified agrosystems in Europe.

Project coordinator:
Isabelle Bertrand – isabelle.bertrand@inrae.fr
Project communication representative:
Eric Mignard – eric.mignard@inrae.fr 


„Hot, dusty, loud, but very good“

„Hot, dusty, loud, but very good“ (Juliane Hirte, 20.7.22). Because only soil scientists enjoy this kind of activity at these temperatures. Shout out to our MaxRoot-C sampling tour team from Thünen and Agroscope.

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Sampling campaign starts now!

The sampling campaign of MaxRoot-C starts now! We will determine roots biomasse of 10 winter wheat varieties across Europe. Our first stop will be in Szekkutas, Hungary, where both sampling teams, Thünen and Agroscope, will meet to guarantuee a harmonized sampling approach.

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