Montpellier Workshop

We amassed in Montpellier for a MaxRoot-MIXROOT-C labelling workshop; superbly hosted by Isabelle Bertrand and her team at INRAE. We presented, discussed and developed new ideas and old ones, to come to a consensus on how best to label the plants and analyse the results.

The open knowledge exchange was a credit to the organisation and the participant’s willingness to share their tacit knowledge and insights for the common goal of the two projects. An admirable scientific spirit we have experienced since the outset of the joint projects.

The highlights of the workshop were the hands-on root imaging training and the field-trip to the agroforestry site DIAMS just outside Montpellier. Here the roots of black locust-barley mix, is being investigated with a scientific scrutiny unrivalled in Europe. The deep trenches and windows offered opportunity to see the roots in the real-world environment. Whilst the instrumentation monitors every puff of carbon dioxide inhaled or root turned over.

We got a great demonstration of the isotope labelling technique and learnt many tricks and tips for the labelling season ahead.

VIDEO of the MaxRoot-C sampling tour

Soil: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the MaxRoot-C sampling team (Thünen & Agroscope). Its continuing mission: to sample roots of main crops across Europe. To seek out root biomass of 10 different varieties and to assess if an optimized variety selection for more root biomass could increase soil carbon. To boldly go where no one has gone before at temperatures that no one withstood before!

Virtual Academy 30.09.2022

„Tools for unearthing roots: from field to data“
presented by
Katie Martin, School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin and Soil Environmental Microbiology Group, Teagasc
BSc Michael Künig, Functional Ecology Group, University of Innsbruck
Dr. Natalie Oram, Soil Environmental Microbiology Group, Teagasc and the Functional Ecology Group, University of Innsbruck.